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Overview of Music Program

Our music program offers a comprehensive study of traditional Chinese musical instruments, with a particular focus on the pipa and guzheng. This program is enriched by the expertise and experience of Yang Jin, a highly accomplished musician and lecturer at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music.The program not only focuses on technical proficiency but also encourages exploration and collaboration with other genres and musical styles, fostering a holistic understanding of traditional Chinese music.

Curriculum - What you will learn from this course
PIPA101 Pipa (Chinese Lute) - Age: kids 6+ & Adults

琵琶,因其音域的广阔、音色的多变、表现力的丰富、演奏技巧的多样,被誉为中国乐器之王,拥有二千多年的历史,秦朝时由波斯传入中国。现今,藉着许多中国音乐人辛勤的耕耘,这件深具东方意韵的古老乐器已经在西方主流舞台上焕发勃勃生机。先锋派作曲家Luo Hurrison、极简主义大师Terry Riley、Philip Glass纷纷为琵琶创作,无论是交响乐团或室内乐团,以及爵士乐队都与琵琶有着相当好的合作。纽约巴德学院、明尼苏达州立大学,悉尼大学均已开设琵琶演奏本科专业。斯坦福,伯克利等名校为优秀学生特设含有古筝的双专业及研究生学位。



  1. 成人和儿童混班。 对于儿童报名参加这门课程,我们建议家长陪同并提供支持。

  2. 琵琶教材选用杨瑾编著《弹唱古诗词(琵琶)》中央民族乐团首席赵聪编著的《琵琶入门与提高》。

  3. 琵琶可租,成人琴40/月。可买,国内定制高品质初级琴450/把。如需高端琵琶,可从国内琴师定做。

  4. 教学目标:

  • 第一学期,了解琵琶历史及基本技法,学习演奏简单曲目及中外民歌。

  • 第二学期,加强基本功,学习演奏简单传统乐曲和重奏作品。


The pipa is known as the king of Chinese musical instruments because of its wide range, variable timbre, rich expressiveness and diverse playing skills. It has a history of more than 2,000 years and was introduced to China from Persia during the Qin Dynasty. Today, thanks to the hard work of many Chinese musicians, this ancient musical instrument with deep oriental charm has been brought to life on the mainstream stage of the West. The avant-garde composer Luo Hurrison, the minimalist master Terry Riley, and Philip Glass have all composed for the lute, and the symphony orchestra or chamber orchestra, as well as the jazz band, all have very good cooperation with the lute. Bard College in New York, Minnesota State University, and the University of Sydney have all offered undergraduate programs in pipa performance.

GUZH101 Gu zheng (Chinese Zither)- Age: kids 6+ & Adults

古筝(Chinese zither)是土生土长的中国民族乐器,早在春秋战国时期,它就盛行于西北地区。因音域宽广,音色优美动听,被称为“众乐之王”,亦称为“东方钢琴”。 古筝幽雅、含蓄,发音清脆悦耳,如山泉般流畅。由于古筝是民族乐器里比较容易上手的一门乐器,演奏起来形象优美,典雅,越来越多的人喜欢学习古筝。纽约巴德学院,明州州立大学率先开设了古筝演奏本科专业,斯坦福,伯克利等名校为优秀学生特设含有古筝的双专业。



  1. 成人和儿童混班。 对于儿童报名参加这门课程,我们建议家长陪同并提供支持。

  2. 教材选用中央音乐学院教授袁莎《古筝入门》、副教授苏畅编著的《弹唱古诗词(古筝)》

  3. 古筝可在 网站购买,北美免运费,有很多等次可选择,品质很好。

  4. 教学目标:

  • 第一学期,古筝历史及基本技法,学习演奏简单曲目及中外民歌。

  • 第二学期,加强基本功,学习演奏简单传统乐曲和重奏作品。


Guzheng (Chinese zither) is a native Chinese national musical instrument. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it was popular in the northwest region. Because of its wide range and beautiful timbre, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano". Compared with the crisp and bright pipa, the guzheng is more elegant and subtle, and the pronunciation is crisp and sweet, as smooth as a mountain spring. As the guzheng is a relatively easy-to-play instrument among the national musical instruments, it is beautiful and elegant to play, and more and more people like to learn the guzheng. In 2017, Bard College in New York took the lead in offering an undergraduate major in guzheng performance.

CHOIR101 Children's Choir- Age: 5+ 


Welcome to our Children's Choir! We are a choir specifically designed for children aged 5 and above, dedicated to nurturing young singers' vocal skills and artistic expression. Our Children's Choir offers a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment where children can discover their musical talents through singing. Our team consists of experienced vocal educators who will guide children in developing vocal techniques, pitch accuracy, and rhythm.

In our curriculum, children will learn songs from various genres and styles, ranging from popular music to classical pieces. We emphasize the development of their vocal projection, intonation, and harmonization abilities. Additionally, we provide ample performance opportunities for children to showcase their talents, enhancing their stage presence skills and confidence.
Our Children's Choir is not just a music training group; it is also a family. We encourage children to support and collaborate with each other, fostering friendship and teamwork through music. We believe in the power of choral music, as it can convey emotions, create resonance, and provide unforgettable musical experiences through the voices of our children.
Whether your child is a beginner or has some singing experience, we welcome them to join our Children's Choir. Students over 5 years old are recommended to sign up this course.

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