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Chinese Program
PinYan Chen

Ms.Chen is an esteemed TESOL Master and World Language Educator at NYU, specializing in Chinese language instruction. With over five years of experience teaching both native and non-native speakers, Ms. Chen is passionate about working with young learners. She skillfully employs diverse teaching methods to engage and inspire students of all learning styles.

BoHan Yang.JPG

Ms. Yang is an innovative teacher and TESOL Master's graduate from NYU. She is passionate about language education and deeply committed to her students, offering a unique perspective in the classroom that draws upon her cultural roots and experiences from living and studying abroad. She is well-versed in a variety of teaching techniques and methods tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners, fostering an inclusive learning environment that promotes growth and development for every student. 

PinYan Chen.JPG
Adult Chinese Program
Alesa Li.JPG
Alesa Li

Ms. Li is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) after having obtained a Master's degree in the same field. With her extensive theoretical knowledge of Chinese teaching and over two years of experience in teaching Chinese to both native and non-native speakers, Alesa is a highly qualified instructor. Her teaching style is characterized by passion and patience, and her cheerful and lively demeanor makes for a comfortable and engaging learning experience.

Yanjie Han

Ms. Han graduated from Capital Normal University with a major in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL). She previously worked as a Mandarin teacher at Beijing Foreign Studies University, where she taught Intensive Chinese and Business Culture to undergraduates. Ms. Han specializes in both oral and written Chinese, and is particularly skilled at teaching Chinese grammar and characters in a fun and engaging way. Her friendly and helpful teaching style makes her popular among her students, who appreciate her dedication to helping them improve their language skills.

Math Program
Preschool Math Yu Zhang.JPG
Yu Zhang

Ms. Zhang is an experienced and passionate educator who has taught students of various ages and backgrounds. With a TESOL master's degree from NYU, she is interested in integrating content and language in bi/multilingual settings. She is well-equipped to introduce young minds to the exciting world of numbers, patterns, and problem-solving combined with language learning. During years of teaching career, she believes that interest is the best teacher, activities and interaction is the key. Ms. Zhang brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the field of early childhood education. She believes that school instills confidence, knowledge and an open mind to our future generation to be tomorrow’s leaders

Jie Gen.JPG
Jie Geng
Ms.Geng holds a M.S. in Mathematics from NYU, a B.A. in Mathematics and B.A. in Statistics from UC Berkeley. She has extensive experience in teaching and preparing students for AMC/AIME level math, Beast Academy, Singapore Math, AP Statistics, UK college interviews and undergraduate level math courses. She believes mathematical processes (definition→ reasoning/proofs→ applications) are important from a young age. As a mother of two, she is looking forward to immersing young friends in mathematical thinking at TongYan School
Art Program
Shaheen Yadav.png
Shaheen Yadav
Shaheen, a self-taught artist, draws inspiration from everyday objects in her art. Her memory and recall is associated with how she feels and that is many times translated into her art. Her interactions with people and nature are a valuable part of the creative process.
Danielle Tuiran.JPG
Danielle Tuiran

Ms. Tuiran is a visual artist with a strong focus on video production. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology, where she is majoring in Visual Arts with a concentration in Moving Image, and minoring in Film Studies. With over 10 years of experience with the arts, she strives to express the importance of art and how it can be used to inspire and influence students of all ages.

In Person Chess Program
Alan Stolyarov
International Chess Academy (ICA)

TongYan school is thrilled to partner with International Chess Academy (ICA) to bring the enriching world of chess to our students.ICA is a renowned institution dedicated to providing comprehensive chess instruction and seminars for individuals at all skill levels. Founded with a vision to promote the art of chess, the Academy is led by two distinguished individuals, WGM Irina Levitina and Diana Tulman, who possess extensive experience in the world of chess as both players and teachers.

Alan has played competitive chess for 12 years and has been a teacher for 5 years. He first became interested in the game while playing with his dad. From there, he went on to take lessons and private coaching from several prominent grandmasters, which led to many major tournament victories. 

Alan’s philosophy is to always leave his students wanting more. Not only does he make sure they learn something instructive in each lesson, but he also helps turn those lessons into wins over the board!

Online Chess Program
Chess Academy Gagunashvili (CAG)

TongYan School is excited to collaborate with the renowned Chess Academy Gagunashvili (CAG) in Europe to introduce an engaging and flexible online chess program. The founders of CAG and the main coaches are GM Merab Gagunashvili and WIM Marija Stojanovic-Gagunashvili. 


They have formed a team of very experienced coaches who would like to share their chess knowledge
with people from all around the world. This team is still active on the international chess stage, acting in
the roles of coaches, players, and arbiters.

GM Merab Gagunashvili was born in Tbilisi where he started playing chess at the age of six and
repeatedly won Georgian championships in the age categories. He represented Georgia in several
European and world championships in the age categories. He finished second in the Junior World
Championships when he was 16 and by the age of 17, he had won the title of grandmaster and became
Georgia's youngest grandmaster. He participated in and won many international tournaments, as well as
individual medals at European team championships. In 2004 and 2007, he participated in the individuals’
World Cup.


For the last 10 years, he has worked as a coach and a second. He was head coach of Kuwait's national team at the 2018 Olympics and Iraq's national team at the 2011 Arab Games.

GM Mihajlo Stojanovic was born in Belgrade and started showing interest in chess at a very early age.
He repeatedly won Yugoslavia’s championship in the age categories and represented the country at
European and world championships. He participated in and won many international individuals and
team tournaments in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and many other countries.


He has been a chess coach for more than 20 years. At the last Olympics, he coached and captained the
Japanese team. Since 2005 he has been the title holder of FIDE Instructor and from 2006 to today, he
coached the national teams of Serbia, Switzerland, and Japan.

IM Jovan Todorovic was born in Kraljevo, where he made his first chess steps. He participated in many
domestic and international tournaments, which enabled him to win the IM title in 2008. Since 2000 he has worked as an individual and team coach, and he was awarded the title of FIDE
Instructor in 2018.

WIM Marija Stojanovic-Gagunashvili was born in Belgrade and started learning chess from her father at
the age of 4. She has participated in tournaments since the age of 8 and has repeatedly won the
Yugoslav championship in the age categories. At the European Rapid Chess Championship, she won
bronze medals in individual and team under-18 competitions. She has participated in many domestic
and international tournaments. She won the WIM title at the 2014 Olympics, where she played for the
Montenegro team.

She has had the title of International arbiter since 2010 and has arbitered at many European children’s
and adult championships, European clubs CUP, and world championships for children, as well as many
domestic and international tournaments.

She has been coaching since 2004 and she won first place in the Junior League of Belgrade as head
coach. She has coached children individually and her students won medals at the championships of Serbia, Montenegro, and the State of Tamil Nadu. She has the FIDE Instructor title which she was awarded at a seminar held in 2014.

Music Program
Pipa Jin Yang.JPG
Guzheng Jin Yang.JPG
Jin Yang

Yang Jin is a highly accomplished musician from China. She holds a Master's degree in Pipa Performance from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Currently, she is a lecturer at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music and has been a visiting scholar at Kent State University in the United States.

Yang Jin has received numerous awards and recognition throughout her career, including the prestigious "Golden Bell Award" in Chinese music. She has performed as a guest musician with Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble and serves as the Music Director of the HarmoniZing Ensemble, a world music group. She is also the founder of the Rejoyce Ensemble, a youth Chinese music group.


中央音乐学院琵琶硕士,武汉音乐学院讲师,美国Kent State University访问学者。中国音乐最高奖“金钟奖”获得者,马友友“丝路乐团”客席演奏家, HarmoniZing Ensemble(世界音乐组)音乐总监, Rejoyce Ensemble(青少年国乐团)创办人。登台卡内基音乐厅、林肯中心、肯尼迪中心、哈里斯剧院。University of Central Oklahoma客座教师,特拉华大学“美国名家音乐节”特聘教师,美国排名第一的伊斯曼音乐学院HummingBird 国际音乐节暨“华乐杯”国际大赛评委,新加坡莱佛士青少年艺术节北美区艺术总监。


Fitness Program
Austin Moy

Owner of Genesis Training and General director of fitness. He is a certified Athletic trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach with years of fitness and wellness experience. He has founded Genesis Training, the gold standard in fitness that specializes in personal training, youth training, and other wellness practices. He wants to empower others to develop physical and mental strength through exercise.

Robbie 2.jpg
Robbie Anderson

Head strength coach at Genesis Training and is a former D1 soccer player at Saint Peter's University. Coach Robbie has his bachelors in exercise science and has developed a youth strength program to help athletes improve their skills and perform at the next level. Coach Robbie will be the lead instructor for the youth soccer programs.

Jesebelle Lavandier

Personal trainer at Genesis Training and has her bachelors in Exercise Science. Coach Jesebelle has a background in basketball, playing at a high competitive level and has worked several basketball clinics. She specializes in corrective exercise, athletic conditioning, and body sculpting. Coach Jesebelle will be the lead instructor for the youth basketball, General Phys Ed and Adult Beginner Bootcamp programs.

Delano 2.jpg
Delano Smalls

Personal Trainer at Genesis Training and has his bachelors in Biology health Sciences. He is a NASM Certified personal trainer with a background as a therapy aid. Coach Delano is passionate about helping the next generation of kids stay healthy through fitness. He specializes in HIIT training and strength and conditioning. He will be the lead instructor for the adult HIIT and youth strength & conditioning classes.

Betty 2.jpg
Betty Li

Head Physical Therapist at Genesis Training with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. She has over 10+ years of experience in the health and fitness world, including various experiences in the gym and clinical setting. Coach Betty specializes in improving strength and rehabbing health through non-traditional forms of exercise such as kickboxing and pilates. She will be the lead instructor for the Adult Kickboxing program.

Stephanie Moy.jpg
Stephanie Moy

Certified Yoga Instructor at Genesis Training and fitness enthusiast who grew up playing volleyball, cheerleaders, track, and yoga. She specializes in breathing techniques, vinyasa flows, and mindfulness exercises to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of all populations. Coach Stephanie will be teaching the adult yoga and Mommy & Me yoga classes offered at the school.

Dance Program
Dance Yafei Chen (1).JPG
Yafei Chen

Ms. Chen is an accomplished teacher with a passion for dance. Throughout her life, Ms. Chen has harbored a deep love for dance. She played various roles in a local ballet production in Chongqing, including the lead in "The White-Haired Girl" and the female protagonist in "Ode to Yimeng."  Ms.Chen has participated in the annual dance competitions among universities in Chongqing, earning collective awards on multiple occasions. With her extensive experience in dance instruction, she has been teaching at the Jersey City Chinese Dance Team since November 2019, choreographing over 70 dances and leading the team in numerous performances and shows.


陈亚非老师毕业于重庆第二师范学院数学专业,先从事高初中教学长达15年,后在重庆大学工作了22年,直至退休前担任重庆大学建筑设计院深圳分院院长助理。陈老师自小热爱舞蹈,曾在重庆一家业余芭蕾舞剧中饰演过多个角色,其中包括《白毛女》女主角和《沂蒙颂》的女主角。她自编自导的歌舞剧《雷锋的故事》在重庆沙区文化馆文艺比赛中获得一等奖。陈老师曾参加重庆市每年一度的大专院校舞蹈比赛,多次荣获集体奖项。她拥有丰富的舞蹈教学经验。2019年11月至今在Jersey City华人舞蹈队任教,教学七十多支舞蹈并率领舞蹈队参加过多次舞蹈表演和演出。

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