TongYan Art

Overview of Art Program

Supported by VIBGYOR Creation

This class will employ all the creative components – music, movement, storytelling and painting. Each week’s project will be based on a different story book. The class will commence with storytelling followed by art work and finally music and movement related to their art work.

Curriculum - What you will learn from this course


VIBGYOR Creations

Every child has the potential to be the next Picasso, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Einstein or Newton. The seeds of artistic talent are sewn just below the cognitive surface of our youngest artists.
At VIBGYOR Creations, it is our privilege to nurture those seeds of talent to sprout and blossom, through our highly specialized and fun-filled artistic programs.
From the basic concepts of drawing, color and form, to the study of modern and geometrical sketching, still life, perspective and nature our students explore the different mediums of crayon, oil pastel, finger paint, pencil, charcoal, water color, and acrylic. Children develop a rich self-expression, confidence, and finely-tuned cognitive abilities.
We are excited to commence this magical journey of unlocking the doors of creative expression and learning with your child.