What is the refund policy?

After you enroll for the session, if for some reason your child does not take to the class, you have until before the third class to withdraw and receive a full prorated refund, minus a $15 processing fee. You can use www.tongyantang.org/cancel-class to submit withdraw applications. Please note ART classes by VIBGYOR have different refund policy (see below).

What if I need to withdraw after the third class?

After the third week we do not offer cash refund. However you will receive a prorated refund in school credit (minus a $15 processing fee) before the 7th class. The credit can be applied to the registration at TongYan School in the future. No refund will be offered after 7th class.

Can my child take a trial class?

From time to time we hold open house event where your child can take trial classes. Due to the capacity of the class, we normally do not offer trial classes after the semester starts. However, you could receive full prorated refund if withdraw before the third class according to our refund policy (see above).

What does the class code mean?

Since we now offer a wide variety of courses, we design class codes to help parents to identify different classes. Usually the class code has the format XXXn0m, where XXX represents the type of the class, fore example ART for art class, MAT for math etc; n represent the level/grade and m represents the semester (usually 1 for fall and 2 for spring).  You can find the table with class name and codes at https://www.tongyantang.org/classes. Please note, in general the contents of the classes will not be the same at fall and spring semester even if they may have the same class code.



Should my kid(s) take CSL or MLP classes for learning Chinese?

Both CSL(Chinese as second Language) or MLP(Ma Li Ping Chinese) are for the kids who wish to learn Chinese. However, generally speaking CSL is designed for kids from non-Chinese heritage family while MLP is for kids from Chinese heritage family. CSL focus more on the speaking part at the beginning. MLP has more reading and writing at the early stage. Currently, CSL follows QTalk curriculum(https://www.qtalkpublishing.com/chinese-seed) and MLP uses the Ma Li Ping Chinese as text book (https://www.heritagechinese.com/). You can find more information about these classes at CSL Home and MLP Home .