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Art Class

We offer Chinese classes for kids with different ages and levels.

CSL102 - Chinese As Second Language for kids

CHN102 - Chinese Reading - Age: 3~5

CHN302 - MLP Chinese 1st Grade - Age: 5~6

CHN402 - MLP Chinese 2nd Grade - Age: 6+

1 on 1 Private Online Class

Teacher in Classroom

Cultivate children 's mathematical and logical thinking ability.

PMAT102 - Preschool Logic Thinking - Age: 3~4

MATK02 - Singapore Math L1 - Gr. K 

MAT102 - Singapore Math L2 - Gr.1

MAT202 - Math II - Gr.2 and Gr.3

MAT303 - Math III - Gr.4 and Gr.5

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Art class helps children develop creativity, fine motor skills and self-expression

ART102 - Creative Explorers - Age 4~5

ART202 - Artistic Innovators - Age 6+


Discover the magic of movement in our  dance program, where young dancers explore their creativity, build confidence, and unleash their boundless energy through the joy of dance.


DNCE102 -Dance & Movement - Ages 4~6


Discover the art of theater with our dynamic classes, featuring a special collaboration with Speranza Theater Company for an enhanced creative experience. Unleash your potential on stage!

ACT102 - Storybooks to Stage - Grade K-2

ACT202 - Acting & Scene Study - Grade 3-6


Chess is called "brain gymnastic" which has functions of education, cultural exchange, research and entertainment.

CHE102 - Chess Beginner - Age: 4+
CHE202 - Chess Advanced Beginner - Age: 5+

CHE302 - Chess Intermediate - ONLINE 

1 on 1 chess class with IM or Grandmaster (GM)

Soccer Practice

Provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop important skills such as teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship while staying physically active and having fun.

PHE102 - Physical Education - Ages 4~7

YSC102 - Youth Strength & Conditioning​ - Ages: 7+

BAS102 - Basketball- Ages: 7+

Table Tennis- Ages: 6+


Our adult fitness program offers a range of classes to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

AYOG102 - Adult Vinyasa Yoga

ADNC102 - Adult Latin Dance & Cardio

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Join  "Easy Steps to Chinese" online adult Chinese program and gain the necessary skills and confidence to communicate effectively in Chinese for travel, business, or cultural exploration.

Online Adult Chinese Class

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