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CHN001 Chinese Reading Club  Age: 6+

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CHN101 Chinese Reading Club  Age: 3-4

In this course, we focus on making Chinese exciting for your child! We achieve this by focusing on theme-related nursery rhymes, handcrafts, word-picture learning, classical poetry and simple conversations. This develops your child’s basic sense for Chinese while increasing their listening and speaking abilities. Specifically, your child will learn about animals, time, earth, family, daily life, and the seasons. After two semesters, students will have mastered about 50 commonly used words to express themselves in Chinese. They will also be able to read and recite several songs and poems. In a final project, students will perform a play for their families that encompasses the entire semester and showcases each student’s learning. 

CHN201 MLP Chinese K  Age: 4-5

For children at least attending kindergarten. This course will utilize nursery rhymes and daily character recognition. Each class students will recite a nursery rhyme and then each of the characters within the nursey rhyme will be taught in detail. In addition, students will practice telling a story, using characters that they have previously learned to reinforce them and help with memorization. 

CHN301 MLP Chinese 1st Grade  Age: 5-6

For children at least attending 1st grade. Students will learn a variety of stories and gain knowledge of characters through these stories. Students will practice telling a story, using characters they have previously learned to reinforce them and help with memorization. Teachers will show students the formation of each character, including breaking down the separate parts of the character. 

CHN401 MLP Chinese 2nd Grade Age: 6+

For Children over 6 years old and graduated from CHN301. The lessons are based on short essays. It teaches vocabulary and its attributes as well as common grammar. It also involves some handwriting. Students should reach up to 700 words after completion. All classes are taught in Chinese by two semester’s learning.

CHN501 MLP Chinese 3rd Grade Age: 6+


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