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Chinese Tutor
Winnie Yuqing Wang (1).jpg

Ms. Wang has a deep fascination for biology and paleontology. She scored a 112 don't the TOEFL and is engaged in various activities such as fencing, painting, and playing piano. As a Chinese citizen, she is dedicated to helping children learn and explore Chinese language and culture

Kaikun Chen.jpg

Kaikun is a rising junior that speaks fluent English. With an interest in language and culture, he wants to share his knowledge as a Chinese tutor. Kaikun is committed to teaching and making a positive impact in the lives of those he teaches.


Yue has a deep passion for volunteering and a strong interest in mathematics, philosophy, and Chinese language. As a member of the student council, she possesses a strong inclination toward teaching. She wants to teach children the valuable knowledge they can receive.

Tianyi Zhang_edited.jpg

Tianyi feels a sense of accomplishment whether it be playing music, sports, or art. Tianyi has a great interest in studying languages. She wants to learn more about American culture and see the differences between Chinese culture. She wants to help people grow with her own knowledge.

Math Tutors
Ryan Lu.JPG
Ryan Lu

Ryan has a passion for math and has competed in the school math team for three years. He won numerous math competitions and placed 4th place in the Bergen-Hudson Chapter of 2023 MATHCOUNTS and qualified for the New Jersey State Round.

norah wang (1).jpg
Nora Wang
Nora has placed in the top three scorers in the AMC8 At her school for three consecutive years. She wants to help children unleash their full potential and gain confidence with the knowledge they have and set them up for success.
Aarav Sonthalia.jpg
Aarav Sonthalia

Aarav is a rising Junior at Pingry School. Having successfully completed Pre Calculus Honors this past year, he is eager to tackle the challenges of AP Calculus BC in the upcoming fall semester. Aarav's passion for tutoring in mathematics stems from his desire to not only help others achieve academic success but also to instill in them the same fascination for math that his own teachers instilled in him.

Shining Sun

Shining has a passion for mathematics that he wants to share with others. He is a 3-time AIME qualifier, an 8th grade USAJMO qualifier, a MATHCOUNTS Nationals participant from New Jersey, and a member of the Bergen County Academies math team. He wants to share his passion for math with others and help people learn interesting mathematical topics.

Xander Luo
Xander will lead the team of RaftIn to participate in the Math Tutor Volunteer Program of Tongyan Chinese School. All tutors in the RaftIn team are AIME qualifiers and top place winners in different Math or Science competitions. Most of them have many years teaching experience in Math homework, AMC 8/10/12, SAT, and competition math.
Winnie Yuqing Wang (1).jpg
Yuqing Wang
Ms. Wang has a deep fascination for biology and paleontology. She scored a 112 don't the TOEFL and is engaged in various activities such as fencing, painting, and playing piano. As a Chinese citizen, she is dedicated to helping children learn and explore Chinese language and culture
English Tutors
Alice Siqi Wan (1).jpg
Alice Aiqi Wan

Alice loves Humane Letters, Science, and Art, and has always enjoyed creating artwork. Outside school, Alice plays competitive piano and has won several competitions including first place in the NJMTA and NPLA solo piano categories for 13-year-olds. She is enthusiastic about incorporating fun activities and crafts into her lessons to keep children engaged and excited

Amie Shen.JPG
Amie Shen
Amie is a passionate writer dedicated to helping others improve their writing skills. Recognized for her talent, Amie actively participated in various writing programs during her academic journey. By sharing her expertise and guiding students in writing techniques, Amie aims to equip young writers with the necessary tools to effectively express their thoughts and emotions, making a lasting impact on their writing journey.
olivia lu.jpg
Olivia Lu

Olivia is an active member in her school’s community, participating in the school’s volleyball team, chess club, and Academic Team, and plays clarinet for band. Outside of school, she does piano, violin, and art, and volunteers for the local Humane Society. She regularly helps with her school’s latestay program, so she has a lot of experience with kids and enjoys working with them.

Math and English Tutors
Chloe Wang (1).jpg
Chloe Wang

Chloe is a highly motivated student excelling in challenging courses and showcases her leadership skills as Executive Editor of the Columbian yearbooks. She is also an active member of the Marshall Dance Team, captivating audiences with her routines. Her true passion lies in helping others learn, leading study groups and participating in tutoring programs.

Joseph Ke.jpeg
Joseph Ke
Joseph has a profound interest in mathematics and language arts. He has been part of his school's math team for 2 years and loves participating in math contests such as the AMC 8 and MATHCOUNTS. In his spare time, Joseph likes playing basketball, playing the piano, and fencing. Joseph looks forward to helping young students excel and wants to use his skills to inspire them.
steven chen (1).jpg
Steven Chen

Steven is a rising junior at High Tech High School in Secaucus, NJ. He has a deep passion for Mathematics and English, which align with his creative and unconstrained personality. Steven enjoys playing chess, showcasing his love for problem-solving and free thought. He is also an active member of Bayonne's men's volleyball team. Stevenwants to help children discover their potential and excel in their weak areas while fostering their imagination.

Lucas Ke.jpeg
Lucas Ke
Lucas is a rising junior at Horace Mann High School in September. He is well balanced in academics with A+ in all subjects. He has tutored a 4th grader with math and ELA, and coached a 3rd grader with basketball. Lucas wants to help younger kids with his knowledge, and at the same time train his own social and leadership skills.
Sophie Jin

Sophie is a 8th grader with excellent abilities in English and Math.  She has been part of her school’s math team.  In her spare time she loves to play flute, piano and fencing. Sophie is among a selected group of 8th graders in her school to mentor and assist the 4th grade classes.  She loves to help with young kids and foster their potentials.

Amie Jin
Amie is a 9th grade at Bergen County Academies.  She is truly passionate about English and Math with excellent academic abilities  She is part of the debate team of her high school. In her spare time, Amie enjoys baking and playing flute. Amie loves to help with young kids excel their academic abilities.
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