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Other Volunteering Opportunities

TongYan School has established partnerships with various organizations to provide our students with diverse volunteering experiences. These opportunities enable you to accumulate service hours while making a positive impact on our local community. Our partnered organizations offer various services, including:

  • Community Clean-up Initiatives: Participate in initiatives aimed at beautifying our community, such as park clean-ups, recycling drives, and graffiti removal. 

  • Senior Center Visits: Spend time with elderly individuals at local senior centers, engaging in activities such as playing games, sharing stories, or teaching new skills.

  • Community Outreach Events: Assist in organizing and executing events that promote community well-being and inclusivity, such as health fairs, workshops, and cultural celebrations.

  • Library Services: Support local libraries by volunteering in various capacities, such as organizing and shelving books, assisting with events and programs, or providing homework help to students.

  • Homeless Shelter Services: Contribute to local homeless shelters by serving meals, organizing donations, providing companionship to residents, or participating in shelter improvement projects.

By taking part in these and other partner organization initiatives, you will not only be fulfilling your service hour requirements but also making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you. Stay updated on upcoming volunteering opportunities by following our social media pages and checking our website's event page.

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