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AYOG102 - Adult Vinyasa Yoga

An open flow yoga class for all levels where movements are connected to each other in a flowing manner while linking and focusing on breath to movement. This class will generate transformative heat throughout the body through steady movement, mindful transitions, and total body stretching. It is a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom, and fluidity in the body and mind and will leave your body feeling invigorated.

ADNC102 - Adult Latin Dance & Cardio 

Keep your heart rate up with the beat of the music in a fun, Latin-dance-inspired cardio workout class! Each 55-minute class is led by an experienced dance instructor who will take you through a cardio workout infused with a simple Latin-style choreography, so you can learn real dance techniques while breaking a sweat. This is meant for adults of all levels. If you want to learn some smooth moves while staying active, this is a great class for you! In partnership with Genesis Training

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