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President's Volunteer Service Award

At TongYan School, we take great pride in fostering a culture of service and community engagement among our students. We are honored to be a certifying partner for the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). 

Award Description:

Presidential recognition is a significant honor and a testament to the impact that individual service can have on our society. While many volunteers may not actively seek recognition, their exemplary efforts serve as an inspiration for others to adopt a lifestyle of service and community involvement.

Eligibility Requirements:

Age Group
Lifetime Achievement
Adults (26+)
100–249 hours
250–499 hours
500+ hours
4,000+ hours
Young Adults (16–25)
100–174 hours
175–249 hours
250+ hours
4,000+ hours
Teens (11–15)
50–74 hours
75–99 hours
100+ hours
4,000+ hours
Kids (5–10 years old)
26–49 hours
50–74 hours
75+ hours
4,000+ hours

Who can apply for the PVSA through TongYan School? 

To qualify for the PVSA, Volunteers must be United States citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.

To apply for the PVSA through TongYan school, volunteers can choose from the following three options:

1. Complete Service Hours with TongYan School:​​

Participate in various volunteering opportunities offered by our school, such as serving as tutors or teaching assistants, or volunteering for school events. These activities not only contribute to your required service hours but also help strengthen the bonds within our school community.​


2. Complete Service Hours through Partnered Organizations:

TongYan School has established partnerships with various organizations to provide our students with diverse volunteering experiences. These opportunities enable you to accumulate service hours while making a positive impact on our local community. Please see this page for more details.

​By taking part in these and other partner organization initiatives, you will not only be fulfilling your service hour requirements but also making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you.

3. Certification of External Service Hours:

For volunteers who have completed more than 20 service hours per year through TongYan School or with partnered organizations, we will also certify the service hours from external sources. To verify these external service hours, please request the participating organization to email the following information to

  • Volunteer's full name

  • Volunteer service date(s) and description

  • Total service hours completed


By offering these three avenues for accumulating service hours, we aim to promote a culture of volunteerism and encourage our students to make a meaningful difference in their community. Through your dedication and commitment, you can proudly represent TongYan School while working towards achieving the President's Volunteer Service Award.

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