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Offered by  TongYan School


Teaching Philosophy

Korean Language Creative Program focuses on recognition, awareness, and love for our

heritage. We want to see our students proudly carry their Korean heritage and have a

profound connection to it. Our program is based on educating students Korean language,

culture, and tradition. 

Our team encourages students in physical, intellectual, and social growth by utilizing their

senses. We believe that children love to solve problems during play and in daily activity

while learning new things by exploring and discovering.  

Our goal is to guide our students in the growth and development of each age developmental phase and apply the most suitable and appropriate teaching method.

All our language courses are weekly theme-based, conducted in Korean. Students will participate in class activity that will involve math, science, social skills and they will be engaged to use their sensory, motor skills, and imaginations to enlarge their creative world while learning.


About this Program


Curriculum - What you will learn from this course

KOR102  Korean I  Age: 2.5-4

This Introductory course is about Listening and Speaking. The course focuses on helping children to have their ears open to the Korean language and practice speaking with confidence. It is a preparation course for the next level, KOR 201. Students will have activities that correspond to the age group’s developmental phase. Each week is a theme-based learning experience with theme-related arts and crafts, sing-along, and book reading. 


In this class, “Whole Character” of Hangul will be used for visual learning of vocabulary and familiarizing Hangul formation( Consonants + Vowels, ㄱ+ ㅏ = 가, ㅈ+ ㅣ= 지, 가지). We believe children at this age learn words with visual representation. 

KOR202  Korean II  Age: 4-5

This course aims to guide students to help them to have fun and find interests in learning the Korean language through various activities, such as nursery rhymes, book reading, and arts and crafts.

KOR301  Korean III  Age: 5+

This course guides students to understand the formation of the Korean alphabet(Hangul) consonants and vowels, and practice to read and write by following the phonetics.


Through various textbooks and class contents and activities, this course will focus on developing everyday life expressions, grammar, and spelling in the actual writing. 

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