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About this Program

Our basketball classes offer unique programs for kids that teach basketball skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. For most children, this may be their first contact with basketball. Children can get to know basketball and fall in love with it.

Basketball is not only a sport, but also a teamwork. While cultivating children's basic basketball ability, we also hope that children can learn teamwork spirit. We hope that basketball can teach children qualities that they cannot learn in class, teamwork and part-time jobs, so that children can be more confident and optimistic. Basketball is also a language, no borders, only people who love basketball.

Curriculum - What you will learn from this course

Basketball 101  Age: 4-6

•     Integrating skills with fun games and activities developed to promote coordination, balance, and the social skills of working in a group. 

•    Involving basic basketball skills tailored to this age group. Children learn social skills of working in a group. We use basketball to show children how capable they are and to prove they can succeed no matter how difficult the task may seem.

Basketball 201  Age: 6+

The teaching content is mainly divided into three parts: physical quality, basic skills and comprehensive training.

1. The physical fitness course will exercise children's physical abilities, including speed, strength, physical fitness, etc.

2. The basic skills course will be the main part of the whole course, including practical dribbling and directional training, shooting and layup.

3. Comprehensive training will be the children basically master the basic basketball skills, with a certain degree of combat ability after the comprehensive training, including combined dribbling, two people, three people pass and so on.

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