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Head Teacher of Basketball Program - 

Qikai Sun

Lecturer of Basketball for kids at TongYan School


Qikai Sun is Assistant Coach of Nike Rise Academy, the best small forward in UCBA Chinese league, a basketball player of Tsinghua university team, and a national level 2 basketball player, a national level 2 swimming player and a national level 2 track and field player.
He comes from a long line of athletes. Both his parents were national team athletes and his father was the Asian games champion.Influenced by what he heard and saw, he aspired to be an athlete when he was young.

Qikai Sun loves basketball and has a high standard for himself. He has been training his skills and body. He has won many championships.At the same time, he often go to school to take training courses and pass on the skills he have been studying to more people around me.
Qikai sun is a kind, cheerful and enthusiastic person who can relate to children very well. His future development is to devote himself to basketball education. He hopes to grow up with children in the process of teaching.