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Course Schedule

Course Brief

Oriented for kids/teens aged 5-15, the course satisfies needs for both amateur-level interests and professional-level competitions/tests. An hour’s lesson would include 10-15 minutes of preparation (warm-up exercises + reviewing past lessons and correcting mistakes), 40 minutes of new lessons (basic move teaching + practicing in pairs), 5-10 minutes of winding-up (answering questions + presentation with music). At the end of every 8 lessons, there will be one intended for reinforcement and improvement. In actual teaching, the same set of basic moves will be varied to adapt to different ability levels and features.

Course Goals

When a student is making progress normally, he/she can complete the study of Pre-Bronze and Bronze in 1 year with 2 hours of course per week; or, he/she can complete the aim in 2 year with 1 hour of course per week.

About Dance Learning Hours

Learning hours for Latin Dance depends on many factors, such as age, ability, course size, practice hours, dancing or musical instrument playing experiences. For example, a 10-year-old girl who has had 5 years of ballet or piano training is much more likely to learn faster than a girl at the same age. Another example is, for 2 students at the same age and learn at the same speed, the one who ensures 3 hours of quality after-class practice per week has a much bigger chance to dance better than the other who only practices 10 minutes per week. 

Yumeng Chen

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Educational Theater - Master's Degree

Dance Education - Bachelor's Degree

  • ​O1 Visa Owner (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement)

  • Blackpool Open Professional Rhythm 10th Place

  • 12 years of teaching experience Latin, Rhythm, Ballet, Classic Chinese folk dance, Stretching

  • Private, Group lesson. Performances are available

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