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KOR 101 (2) Teacher - 

Melina Park

Lecturer of Korean 101 at TongYan School


Miss Melina has a B.A. in English Literature and has 20 years of teaching experience.

While teaching English and Korean continuously, she found an interest in developing children’s intelligence potential. As she wished to utilize her strength in grasping and analyzing children’s psychology, she has been devoting herself in children’s brain development. In the extension to her devotion, she pursued Froebel Gabe special instruction certification. Now she combines Froebel Gabe teaching method with Orda and Montessori programs to make children’s learning experience fun and interesting. 

Miss Melina’s devotion, passion, and love for teaching with her abundant professional background in teaching have led her to instruct students in PREP and Brain Development classes to prepare for exams of top-ranked private schools and public schools in Manhattan. 

She is thrilled and excited to join TongYan School to have another opportunity to cultivate our next generations’ future.

She looks forward to seeing all of her students to be enthusiastic about learning to discover and develop potential intelligence together!