Martial Art

Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy provides a great number of benefits in both physical, mental and social for your children.

By practicing Kung Fu they will boost their self-confidence, little by little  confidence is acquired  due to coordination and physical fitness giving them the right confidence to make better choices in their lives.

The physical benefits of practicing martial arts have been well documented around the world, there is not much we can say about it that you have not already heard, the psychical benefits like coordination and balance are specially important for kids when entering awkward growing stages, concentration, discipline and camaraderie are side effects that come natural to the practice of the martial arts.

One of the biggest concerns about parents are respect, calm and feel safe about their children dealing with bulling, showing respect is intrinsic in the practice of Kung Fu, their training will improve their ability to release nervous energy and develop  respect and camaraderie with their fellow students, beside all this your kids will have a lot of Fun learning authentic Kung Fu.

The Tongyan School offers classes for kids with high experience instructors, come take a look! 

Master Zhao Changjun

Master Zhao Changjun, famous Kungfu master, martial arts educator, a pioneer action movie directorand actor in China, is the most influential figure in Chinese martial arts.


From the late 1970s to the late 1980s, Master Zhao captured ten individual all-around titles in major national and international events and won 56 gold medals. He dominated the martial art world for over 10 year and created the "Zhao Changjun era". His three most famous forms, Ditangquan(Lying down fist), Zhuifengdao (quick broad sword), and fengmo gun (crazy devil staff), have been widely studied around the world. He has visited over 30 countries in five continents for martial art exchange and demonstration.

In 1980, Master Zhao Changjun served as the martial art director in the movie “Mysterious Buddha”. Since then, Master Zhao has starred in many action movies and became a famous action movie star in the 80s and 90s. He choreographed and/or starred in many movies and TV series such as “WuDang”, “The Iron Bodyguard”, “Legend of Fang Shiyu”, “Legend of Hai Deng Monk”, “A Blood-Stained Sword”, and “China's First Swordsman”.

In 1991, Master Zhao founded Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy in Xian, China and has been serving as president and head coach. In 2007, he founded Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy US branch in New Jersey.In 2010 he organized the first US International Martial Arts Championship and served as chair of the organizing committee.

Master Zhao has received many honors over the years. In 1994, he became the only Kungfu master who was honored as one of the top 45 athletes by the Chinese National Sports Commission. In 1995, the Chinese Wushu Association honored him as one of the "Top Ten Chinese Kungfu Masters". In 2002, he was voted as “Chinese Action Movie Star of the Century” by “Chinese Wushu” magazine.In 2008, he was selected as "Chinese Kungfu Master of the year". In 2013, he received the award for “The most influential person in Chinese Martial Arts in the past 30 years”. In 2014, Master Zhao was crowned the title of “the World’s Most Famous Kungfu Master” at the first gathering of World Famous Kungfu Masters in Vancouver. In 2016, Master Zhao and his son Zhao Yun were featured on the cover of "Chinese Kungfu" magazine.