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Little Artists - Program Brief
Pre-K:  Making Art With Masters

Students will embark on an artistic journey as they learn from the masters. We will cover classic pieces of fine arts ranging from painting, sculpture, architecture and more. Teacher will tell engaging stories about artists and their creative process through unconventional means such as impromptu puppet shows and more. Take the inspiration from the masterpieces, with the opportunity to use different medium, they will explore art making and all of the creative possibilities. It’s perfect for the budding artists. Click here for more details.

K:  Storytelling Through Art

Tell stories through images and learn how to plan, design, and make one’s own story. Student will bring their characters to life through painting, crafting, sculpting and other creative means. In each class we will focus on one aspect of storytelling such as character design, background setup, and color psychology. Teacher will utilize examples from award winning children’s books to inspire students. Students will be encouraged to express their originality and individuality. They will learn about the power of images as means to tell stories, convey ideas and emotions. Click here for more details.

Zhi Luo_Photo.jpeg

Zhi Luo a.k.a Googa

Digital Artist, Illustrator, Documentary Filmmaker and etc.

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Zhi Luo is an award-winning CG artist and filmmaker. She has worked with clients like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Sci-fi, Majesco Entertainment, CDC, Pringles, Hershey's, Morgan Spurlock and more. Her style is fun and whimsical.  She is also passionate about children's books. In the year 2017 she had two children's books published.

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