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Head Teacher of Dance Class - 

Jun Zhou

Lecturer of Mommy & Me, Creative Move, Ballet and Adult Dance at TongYan School


Jun Zhou, a dance artist and educator, is currently teaching dance and Mandarin language to toddlers and preschoolers. He graduated from New York University with a MA in Dance Education and studied Laban Movement Analysis System at Laban Bartenieff Institute. Born and raised in China, he mastered Chinese folk dance and also other genres such as ballroom and modern dance. He has performed all over the world, such as Sweden, Denmark and Italy. He received his BA in Dance and Chinese Language & Literature from Beijing Normal University. For the past few years, he has been teaching both Mandarin and dance at New York Chinese Culture Center, China Institute, Talent Prep, MonkeyDoYoga!. Now a resident of New York City, He currently works as a teaching assistant in public schools while continue to improve his knowledge of dance and further his education. He remains dedicated and passionate about his chosen fields. He believes that learning process should be fun, and making it fun is the key to help the children learn effectively and achieve continuous progress in their competence. 

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