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Ivy Yang Chinese Language Program

Offered By TongYan School

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Start on Jan. 26th 

About this Program

MLP Chinese Class (Ages 4 +)

Chinese Reading (Ages 3 +)

Spring 2019 Dates: Saturdays January 26th to May 18th(No Class February 16th and April 20th)


Curriculum - What you will learn from this course

CHN102 Chinese Reading

For children over 3 years old. This course teaches theme-related nursery rhymes, handcrafts, talking, word-picture learning and classical poetry, designed to develop a child’s basic sense for Chinese and increasing their listening and speaking abilities. The class contains themes of daily life, time, earth, family, animals, and seasons. Through two semesters of learning, students will be able to master around 50 frequently used words and express themselves in Chinese. They will also be able to read or recite around 6 poems and several songs. An end of semester project will encompass the entire semesters learning into a play that will be put on for the families of the students. THE TOPICS!

CHN202 MLP Chinese K

For children at least attending kindergarten. This course will utilize nursery rhymes and daily character recognition. Each class students will recite a nursery rhyme and then each of the characters within the nursey rhyme will be taught in detail. In addition, students will practice telling a story, using characters that they have previously learned to reinforce them and help with memorization. THE TOPICS!

CHN302 Chinese 1st Grade

For children at least attending 1st grade. Students will learn a variety of stories and gain knowledge of characters through these stories. Students will practice telling a story, using characters they have previously learned to reinforce them and help with memorization. Teachers will show students the formation of each character, including breaking down the separate parts of the character. THE TOPICS!

CHN001 Adult Beginner Chinese

For adults and teenagers. Designed for students that have little to no background in learning Chinese. Students will learn pinyin (Romanization of Chinese characters) and we will focus on listening and speaking. Basic words, around 400 characters, will be taught so that students can have a base in Chinese language.


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Liuqing Yang (

Director of Chinese Program

She has worked as a Lecturer in the Department of East Asian Studies in Princeton University,
teaching Chinese college courses of varying levels. She received her Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Students of Other Languages from Minzu University of China in 2016 and in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University in 2017.

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Michael Paultz

Program Manager

Michael has worked in higher education institutions for the past five years. As a former adjunct
professor, ESL teacher and PhD candidate, he will help create a learning environment that can
promote the best of both education systems and integrate them.

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Huichao Zhang (


She taught Chinese and English to students of different levels in past few years and holds Teacher’s Certification of the People’s Republic of China (both Chinese & English subjects). She was awarded the National Scholarship from Minzu University of China because of her excellent academic performance.

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Yifan Hu (


She has rich teaching experience. She has previously taught elementary and advanced Chinese courses for international students in Central University of Finance and Economics and Minzu University of China. She also worked as an intern at CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange). She is also good at Chinese traditional art such as calligraphy, painting, and paper-cutting.

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