Chinese Program

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Liuqing Yang

Director of Chinese Program 

She will be responsible for building up the Chinese program and publishing our in-class textbook.

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Head Teacher of Chinese Reading

She has various methods, which can effectively help students improve their Chinese proficiency.

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Head Teacher of Chinese Reading

She taught Chinese and English to students of different levels in past few years.

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Jessie Sun

Head Teacher of CSL


Korean Program


Director of KOR Program/ KOR 102

She is thrilled to be with children and looking forward to meeting every milestone of child’s development.

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Jasmine Park

KOR 301 Teacher

She has been teaching Korean since Korean literature and the language also have been her best subjects at all times. 

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Melina Park

KOR 202 Teacher

Miss Melina has a B.A. in English Literature and has 20 years of teaching experience.

Dance Program

Mengqi Huang

Head Teacher of Latin

MQ has over 10-years teaching experience and won multiple international Latin competitions awards.

Head Teacher of Dance Class

Jun Zhou, a dance artist and educator, is currently teaching dance to toddlers and preschoolers.

Math Program

Teacher of Math Olympiad

He obtained Ph.D. in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He won Gold Medal International Mathematical Olympiad in 2007. He has 10-year teaching experience in math.

Head Teacher of Math 101/201

She hope that children can enjoy the learning process, develop interest in learning.

Teacher of Math Olympiad

She was a math tutor when she was in college. She have taught students in grades two to four. She is very familiar with primary mathematics and math competitions in elementary school.

Mingming Li

Head Teacher of Math 101/201


Art Program

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Director of Little Artists

For detailed information, please visit

Basketball Program

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Head Teacher of Basketball Class

Qikai Sun is Assistant Coach of Nike Rise Academy, the best small forward in UCBA Chinese league,

Chess Program


Head Teacher of Chess Class

Coach Bilgen is a national master and also a great chess teacher.

Music Program


Head Teacher of Music Class

International Award Winning Singer N'Kenge, was called "Electrifying" by the NY Post.