CLASS Descriptions (Summer 2020):

Chess (CHE103/CHE203/CHE303 Age 4-5/5+/5+)
Enjoy the most popular board game in the world. The classes will be taught by a chess national master. Kids will learn from basic rules, tactics, openings , checkmate to advanced skills. We also offer free tournaments every week.
Chinese Reading (CHN 103 Age 3+)
The primary goal of this course is to develop long-term interest in Mandarin Chinese for your child/children! We achieve this by teaching theme-related nursery rhymes, handcrafts, word-picture learning and simple conversations. TPR (Total Physical Response) and Audio-lingual approach are mainly adopted. 
Chinese Writing (CHW103 Age 6+)
It is designed for the students over 6 years and graduated 1st grade. Students will learn how to write diary based on variety of topics and gain knowledge of Chinese syntax. In order to fully acquire Chinese language, it must have real meaning by being used in natural contexts. This course presents to foster using and understanding of the language being taught.
CSL (CSL103/CSL303/CSL403 Age 3-5/5-6/6+)
CSL Courses are designed for non-heritage speakers. We will use QTALK as our textbook and other relevant topics as supplementary materials. The QTALK systematically teaches students the fundamentals of Chinese through visual symbols that represent all parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.) The symbols are simply an aid to help the leaner encode information into long memory. 
Chinese for Adults-HSK1 (CSL003 Adults)
This course is suitable for adult learners of Chinese without systematic Chinese leaning experience and those who are going to learn Chinese and take the HSK Level 1 test. This is entry-level Chinese leaning course. The summer course is composed of 6 lessons, Except Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 focusing on pronunciation, each of the rest lessons centers on a topic in three situations with 1-2 dialogues. We strive to make Chinese easier to learn, so that students could study the language happily, effortlessly and efficiently.
Dance (DAN103/DAN203/DAN003 Age 3-5/5-7/Adults)
This series of online courses are designed for both children and adults (Pre-Ballet and Ballet for Children, and Cardio for adults). Learners will be able to achieve longer attention span, perform more movements under instructions, present a longer dance piece in every well-organized, energetic  and interactive classes.
Math Through Stories (MAT103/MAT203 Age 3-4/4-6)
This course is designed for our young learners to learn and engage with Maths through the power of storytelling and their imagination. We will read an interesting math story each week focusing on a different mathematical topic. The lesson will mix in with practical activities, exercises, and discussion tasks to further develop students’ mathematical skills as well as literacy skills.
Games and Math Behind It (MTO103/MTO203 Age Grade 1-2/Grade 3-4)
Each class we will introduce a game (e.g. broken scale, knight in chess etc) and explain the math theory behind it. The kids will learn math concepts and methods through interesting and classic problems.
MLP (CHN203/CHN303/CHN403/CHN503 Age 4-5/5-6/6-7/7+)
We use MLP series Chinese books as our textbooks. We will continue offering interesting and meaningful nursery rhymes, Chinese stories and poems in this series of courses to strengthen children’s recognition ability and cultivate their reading comprehension ability and summarizing ability. TPR (Total Physical Response) , Audio-lingual approach and Task-based language teaching (TBLT) are mainly adopted in the class. 
Reading Club (CHR103 Age 6+)
The Chinese Reading Club is an organized small sized study group which is designed to increase learners' reading interests and cultivate their reading abilities. We achieve this by offering various profound picture books, interesting online games, read-aloud session and raising questions. Learners  will also be inspired by reading and act-out selected meaningful stories.
Robotics and Science (ROB103 Age 8+)
Logical thinking by programming, electronics learning by discovery, creative innovation by fantastic hands-on projects, mathematical and physical applications by problem solving: let's have a smart start with robotics and science.