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CLASS Descriptions:

Chess (CHE101/CHE201/CHE301/CHE401/CHE501 Age 4-5/5+)
Enjoy the most popular board game in the world. The classes will be taught by a chess national master. Kids will learn from basic rules, tactics, openings , checkmate to advanced skills. We also offer free tournaments every week.
Chinese Level 0 (CHN 101 Age 3+)
The primary goal of this course is to develop long-term interest in Mandarin Chinese for your child/children! We achieve this by teaching theme-related nursery rhymes, handcrafts, word-picture learning and simple conversations. TPR (Total Physical Response) and Audio-lingual approach are mainly adopted. 
CSL (CSL101/CSL201 Age 3-5/5-6)
CSL courses are designed for non-heritage speakers. In the first four classes we will teach how to read, write and type Pinyin. Students will be able to listen and read Chinese vocabularies, phrases, sentences and paragraphs with the help of Pinyin. Also, students will be able to recognize and write certain Chinese characters.
Math (MAT101/MAT201 Age 2.5-4/4-6)
2.5 - 6 years old is an important stage to develop children's interest. The mathematics education in this stage covers four major aspects: Logical Thinking, Geometry Exploration, Arithmetic Concept & Math in Real Life. While teaching children simple mathematics knowledge, more emphasis is placed on cultivating children's learning interest and thinking ability through both individual and collaborative activities in class. We hope our children will love doing math and have a breadth of math and logic concepts in hand to prepare them for future advanced learning.
Math Olympiad (MTO101/MTO201/MTO401 Grade 2/3/5)
This Math Olympiad course is designed to teach the major strategies of problem solving, to foster mathematical creativity, and to stimulate enthusiasm and love for the types of problems that students encounter in competitive mathematics. This course includes interesting topics in calculation, combinatorics, Geometries, Number theory etc. 

MLP (CHN201/CHN301/CHN401/CHN501/CHN601 Age 4-5/5-6/6-7/7+)
We use MLP series Chinese books as our textbooks. We will continue offering interesting and meaningful nursery rhymes, Chinese stories and poems in this series of courses to strengthen children’s recognition ability and cultivate their reading comprehension ability and summarizing ability. TPR (Total Physical Response) , Audio-lingual approach and Task-based language teaching (TBLT) are mainly adopted in the class. 
Reading Club (CHR101 Age 6+)
The Chinese Reading Club is an organized small sized study group which is designed to increase learners' reading interests and cultivate their reading abilities. We achieve this by offering various profound picture books, interesting online games, read-aloud session and raising questions. Learners  will also be inspired by reading and act-out selected meaningful stories.
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