Director of Korean Program - 

Cindy Chang

Lecturer of Korean I at TongYan School


Ms. Cindy has her B.S. in Biology from Yonsei University, Korea and MBA degree in  International Business from Vatel, France. She has worked in finance and shortly after  her pursue of MBA degree she joined World Expo and took charge of Public Relations  and Marketing on behalf of UN team. 
Ms. Cindy’s mother tongue is Korean and speaks fluent English and French. 
She believes that it is very important to conserve heritage building as it reflects and shapes values, beliefs, and aspirations to be able to give a sense of identity for our future generations. 
As a mother of 3 year old boy, she is thrilled to be with children and looking forward to meeting every milestone of child’s development and wishes to enrich their growth with passion, enthusiasm, love, and care.